Young brunette woman smiles at older, disabled man plucking the strings of an acoustic guitar.

Our Services

Cornerstone Inclusion Services helps clients with intellectual and developmental disabilities (ID/DD) become happier and healthier by growing their skills, self-esteem and independence within their communities. We want those we serve to reach their highest potential. Every day we see firsthand how small activities build toward larger, life-changing accomplishments.

What We Do

Since 2016, Cornerstone has matched ID/DD clients with exceptional Direct Support Professionals who provide community-based attendant care. For our DSPs, this encompasses:

Activities of Daily Living (ADL) – hands-on assistance with personal care, including dressing, bathing, hygiene, ambulation and other tasks

Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (iADL) – life and community skill-building, including shopping, budgeting, transportation, extracurricular activities around socialization and maintaining a hobby

While we do not assist with employment support, the skills individuals learn while working with our DSPs can translate to skills needed for a job, such as interacting with the public and following through with commitments.

Blonde woman sitting with a brunette boy with Down's syndrome, watching him type on a laptop.

Who We Serve

Our DSPs primarily work with those 18 and over, though we will occasionally accept high school age clients. Because every individual is unique, our attendant care support is greatly varied and tied directly to the client’s individual service plan (ISP). We serve individuals throughout Oregon with a focus on Washington, Multnomah and Clackamas Counties.


Young brunette woman with blue headphones around neck and an older, mentally disabled woman in a pink hat share ice cream outside.

How to Work With Us

Cornerstone is a Medicaid-funded agency providing care for clients who come to us through two types of Oregon case management professionals:

Service Coordinators (SC) – county case managers who send referrals to us

Personal Agents (PA) – case managers through the Oregon brokerage system who send referrals to the agency

If you are an SC or PA, simply contact us to talk about how we can help your client achieve the goals in his or her ISP. Clients or family members may also reach out to us first, provided we coordinate with their SC or PA beyond the initial contact. We do not accept private pay clients.

Let's Get Started

Looking for a DSP? Bring us your goals and questions. Talk to us about your challenges. We want everyone involved in the attendant care relationship to understand what Cornerstone can do and agree on what success looks like for each client.